2024 4th International Conference on Automation Control, Algorithm and Intelligent Bionics

Call For Papers


The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:


· Mathematics and computer simulation

· High performance computing

· data structure

· Advanced numerical algorithm

· Stochastic algorithm

· Approximation algorithm

· Combinatorial optimizationQuantum computing

· Parallel and distributed algorithms

· Graphics rendering and graphics algorithm

· Deep learning algorithm

· Big data search algorithm and system

· Other related topics

Visual science and engineering

· Sensor detection technology and motor driving technol-ogy

· Signal and image processing

· Human-computer interaction

· Tracking and monitoring

· Biometric identification

· Biomedical image analysis

· Activity/behavior recognition

· Scene analysis

· pattern recognition

· Visual learning

Bionic science and engineering

· Human bionics

· Bionic machinery

· Bionic manufacturing

· Bionic design and bionic manufacturing system

· Smart material

· Intelligent computing

· Medical machinery

· Bionics principle

· Institutional theory

Control science engineering

· Modeling and Simulation of Emerging Technologies

· Nonlinear system control

· Progress of engineering software engineering

· Circuits, electronics and microelectronics

· Nonlinear theory and application

· Renewable energy conversion

· Fault tolerant control system

· Intelligent system control

· Electromechanical integration and robot system

· Engineering system modeling

· Networks and motors

· Computer software development technology