2023 3rd International Conference on Automation Control, Algorithm and Intelligent Bionics (ACAIB 2023)

Call for Papers

Topics include but are not limited to the following areas:

                                                                         Control science engineering:

Linear system control

Control integrated circuits and applications

Modeling and Simulation of Emerging Technologies

Nonlinear system control

Advanced control system

Progress of engineering software engineering

automatic control system

Automation and monitoring system

Circuits, electronics and microelectronics

Control and embedded systems

Robot system control

electronics and communication Control

automation and diagnostics

Fault tolerant control system

Fractional order systems and control

Intelligent system control

Electromechanical integration and robot system

Engineering system modeling

Networks and motors

Nonlinear theory and application

Power electronics and control

Renewable energy conversion

Sliding mode control

Automatic control principle and technology

Computer software development technology

                                                                       Bionic science and engineering

Human bionics

Bionic machinery

Bionic manufacturing

Bionic design and bionic manufacturing system

smart material

Intelligent computing


medical science

mechanical engineering

Bionics principle

Institutional theory

                                                                  Visual science and engineering:

Sensor detection technology and motor driving technology

Signal and image processing

human-computer interaction

Tracking and monitoring

Biometric identification

Biomedical image analysis

Activity/behavior recognition

Scene analysis

pattern recognition

Visual learning


Mathematics and computer simulation

High performance computing

data structure

Advanced numerical algorithm

Stochastic algorithm

approximation algorithm

Combinatorial optimization

Quantum computing

Parallel and distributed algorithms

Graphics rendering and graphics algorithm

Deep learning algorithm

Big data search algorithm and system

Other related topics